Our Mission to Help Reduce Hunger


1 in every 5 children in Stark County
don’t know when their next meal might be.

My name is Maiharriese Wooden, and I create and maintain several Blessing Boxes in Stark and Summit Counties. As a single parent, one of my greatest daily challenges is food insecurity. At times, it is an overwhelming worry, because I am often only able afford food that has little to no nutritional value. I have struggled many times to keep food on the table for my children. There have been many times when I wished for just a little help to get through until the next payday. Due to my own personal experiences, I feel that God has been encouraging me to take action on this problem, in order to help others. I know I am not the only one who has this struggle.

According to the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank, 14.2% of Stark County’s population are food insecure. 20.5% of the children in Stark County are food insecure.

This fact astounds me.

In order to address this need, I felt a call placed on my heart to begin the Stark Blessing Box Initiative. A Blessing Box is an outdoor cabinet, in a public place, that is stocked with non-perishable food items, basic toiletries, baby supplies, and anything else that might be considered a blessing to someone in need. Items are anonymously donated, and anonymously received. A very simple rule applies: Take what you need, leave what you can.

Since September 2019, SBBI has placed over 30 boxes. We have a goal of placing many, many more. Will you join me in being a part of this incredible way of supporting our community?

Stark County Blessing Box Initiative exists to:

Drastically reduce food insecurity by distributing non-perishable goods

Guide at-risk community members to available resources

Educate individuals about the need in our neighborhoods

To follow Jesus’ example in caring for the disadvantaged and suppressed while guiding them toward the transformational love of Christ.